How to Identify common mistakes in your signature?

Hi to all!! Today’s topic is how to identify common mistakes in your signature. From these four samples on the board, we are going to identify the mistakes in the signature.

Look at the first sample on the board, the first letter of the signature needs to be capital. Using a small letter shows the wrong indication about you and that’s why the first letter of the signature should be capital.

Do not enclose your name, surname or any alphabet in your signature. It means you are enclosing yourself.

Many people have this habit of underscoring the signature just like written on the board. Underscoring in a backward direction is wrong. This indicates in life you reach the top but in the end, you will back to your previous position.

Do not include initials in your signature it doesn’t show your true identity.

Now we will move on signature rules!!

1) The first letter of your signature should be capital.
2) Try to make a simple signature
3) Always try to make the signature in the angle of 45 degrees.

Which goes to the upward direction. Don’t make the flat signature or signature in the downward direction.i

While underscoring signature it should be a straight line and you should draw this line with the same energy.

If you find this tree things in your signature your signature is called as a good signature.

If you have any dought regarding signature please comment in the box or come to our website and upload your handwriting or signature we will get back to you.

Thank you!

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