How to shape positive & negative behaviour in Children

Today’s topic is how to shape positive & negative behaviour in children. So today we will start this topic with the story. It is the story of giraffe mother. When the mother giraffe gives birth to the baby she kicks the baby the first time. Because of the first kick baby get scared and start to get up. Mother giraffe kicks the baby the second time this time baby could stand & tries to maintain his balance. Mother giraffe kicks the baby one last time, this time the baby starts running around the mother. Mother giraffe shover loves on baby and shows the compassion. As told in the story it is very important for parents to give a proper reaction to the children behaviour. Many parents compiled to me that their kids are stubborn and don’t listen to them so they asked what shall we do? The idea, in this case, is what response you are giving to your kids and how do you deal with them? If being a parent you are firm to what you are doing then kids will understand you. Kids will understand this particular behaviour of mine is wrong and I am not getting a reaction to this behaviour. If we do this same thing for their positive behaviour and give them a positive feedback or a positive response then definitely kids will understand where do I get a response from parent and where I don’t get a response.
Some tips for parents
1) Be firm, use a soft tone 2) Don’t shout but discipline 3) Make things clear 4) Listen & talk to children
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