Romal Surana interview on NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming): by UCN N.V Sharma

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

Hello viewers!

Recently the founder of Nanhagyan Foundation Romal Surana has been interviewed in Nagpur UCN by N. V Sharma.

She is a Child Psychologist, Graphologist, Mind Power Trainer, Pranic Healer and NLP Master Practioner. In this interview, she explained how NLP can help to make our life better. With the practice of NLP, we can bring positive changes to our life. She discussed many aspects of NLP and how it could be beneficial in our day to day life. She has given many interesting examples which describe how NLP is a powerful tool to break some of our behaviour patterns and how to adopt new ways in life.

Do watch this interview to understand the concept of NLP.
Thank you.

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About Romal Surana 33 Articles
Hi, My name is Romal Surana, I am a counselor working in the field of making bonds more stronger like relationship counselling, parent child counselling, wellness counselling and so on. I m memory trainer. I m NLP Master Practitioner, Graphologist (handwriting expert). I m mentor to kids with learning disability and Pranic Healer.

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