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Today we will talk about focus. What is the focus and what is the definition of focus? How does our mind work on the focus?
We always notice that elderly person says to us focus on your studies focus on your work so what do you mean by focus? This is what we are going to discuss in this video.

The focus is the system which is present in the brain this system called as RAS(Reticular Activating System)

You could see many things around you near about 20 bites. You could see many things but the thing you gave attention to it only that thing out brain captures.

If you are pregnant then you will notice all the pregnant woman on your way. If I said to you focus on the blue colour you will notice all the blue things in this room this is because of your RAS system started focussing on the blue colour.

When we know we have such a miraculous system like RAS why don’t we use it for our own benefits and how we do that?

It is interesting we can do it. For example, we always accept that I am always late, I am never on time, just think where is your focus on? Your focus is on being late, If you change the statement I am always on time, I am punctual your focus shifting on being punctual.

If each time you say I am a loser, I can’t do it, life is so heard where is your focus on? Your focus is on miseries. If you say life is wonderful, life is great, I enjoy every moment of my life. Don’t you think that is the time you want to focus on? It says what you focus on energy flows there, so where you want you energy flows? It is in your hand. Be happy always. If you like our channel please Like, Subscribe and Comment.

Thank you.

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