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So today’s topic of discussion is how to make a relationship happy. For being happy we required happy hormones. Do you know what are the happy hormones secreted in your body that makes a relationship happy? First will understand what are the happy hormones. Happy Hormones 1) Endorphins 2) Dopamine 3) Serotonin 4) Oxytocin 1) Endorphins Do you know when a husband and wife or the partner with whom people are a relationship with when you perform activities like walking together, exercise, laughing or crack a joke, you like the company of that person? The reason is Endorphins. That’s why it said to spend a good time with a person you love. Go for walk together, laugh together, that accomplish Endorphins. 2) Dopamine Maybe you have seen many housewives says that they are not happy in their life because as a housewife a lot of them are not been appreciated they don’t get the appreciation for the work they do. If they get that appreciation in the office for small and big work. So as in a relationship, Dopamine gives you the accomplishment feeling when you help somebody. When you help somebody and you get appreciated. Husband and wife, please keep in the mind appreciate your partner so that you get the happy hormone Dopamine. 3) Serotonin Serotonin is very important because it gives you something that you are doing for others like charity. You have seen many people do social work or help others. Help others to cross the road, feed the dog. What is that all about? Serotonin gives you the feeling of joy when secrets in your body. 4) Oxytocin Oxytocin nothing but Jadu ki zappi(Hug). A little touch, a little hug, a little tab that is the reason we hug each other when in a relationship. A hug feels good when we do all the above things Oxytocin releases in the body. So these four hormones 1) Endorphins, 2) Dopamine, 3) Serotonin, 4) Oxytocin are very important to make a relationship happy. We always recommend exercising, walking together, smile together to complete the dose of Endorphins. Appreciate your partner to complete the dose of Dopamine. Help others or your family members or anyone else so that dose of Serotonin you will get. Hug each other Kiss each other or handshakes so that you can get the full dose of Oxytocin.

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