Thinking Pattern- Pride & Dignity | Graphology – Handwriting

Hi everyone!! Today we will discuss again on thinking pattern pride & dignity. We identify pride & dignity by letter ‘d’. The first ‘d’ on the board is the represents normal thinking pattern, it is a normal ‘d’. The stem in this is double the loop of the d. The second ‘d’ on the board represents pride & dignity thinking pattern. The stem is more than double the loop of d. The third ‘d’ on the board shows the stem is shorter than the loop of d it means independent thinking. We will make another video on it. Today we are going to talk on pride & dignity thinking pattern. If you write ‘d’ exactly like the second d on the board that means you demand a lot of respect from others. If somebody hurts you, disrespect you without saying anything you will disconnect with the person. It shows you think a lot that what people say about you. If this stroke is in your handwriting and you want to rectify or know more about it please upload your handwriting to
Thank you.

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