The Power Of Positive Thoughts!

“Before anything in this world is created in the PHYSICAL PLANE, it is first created in the MENTAL PLANE”

To understand the above statement, let do a small activity. “Close your eyes and visualize yellow lemon. Imagine you cutting it and squeezing the juice. Imagine you have tasted it”. If you concentrated on the task, you should be salivating a bit. Your saliva is evidence that a thought held strongly in mind manifest on the body too.

Positive thoughts
The Power Of Positive Thoughts- Romal Surana


Few scientists were experimenting. A man was taken into the deep state of mind through the power of suggestion and told, “Now, a red-hot iron will be placed on his arm”. Then a rod that was at normal temperature was placed on his arms. But within a few minutes, a large blister came up at the point of contact. With this experiment, the scientist was convinced that if a blister could develop because of thoughts. Then blister could be cured by thoughts.  The man was again taken into a deep state of mind and his blister was cured by suggestion.


Our thoughts manifest.  The unhealthy thoughts that a person thinks about himself and for others keep happening with him. For example, “I m of no use”, “ money doesn’t stay in my hand”, “I have high Blood Pressure”, “My kids don’t eat food”, “they don’t study”, “ he is hyperactive”, “I am a failure”. And so on.

Today’s reality may be different. We need to create the reality that we deserve. For that, we need to speak the result that we wish in our life. Not just word, this should have the positive statement, vibration and feeling attached to manifest in reality. Like at present I may have blood pressure. I need to affirm by saying I am healthy and need to believe it and visualize it. My mentor always says unless we add our feeling to our affirmation. Thoughts will not manifest.

So create the thought in Mental Plane, the result will reflect in Physical Plane.


Romal Surana

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