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How to Empower your resolution 2019

How to Empower your resolution 2019

Many of us are ready with their New Year Resolution. Year by Year people take resolution but drop them after a few days or months. Have you ever thought about why??? Very few of us are able to complete their Resolution. In common men LANGUAGE, resolution means a firm decision to do something or not to do something. When we make a goal or decision, it covers either one or two aspect of life. This creates imbalance life. We have seen many professionals, entrepreneurs making good money. As a husband or lover or parent, their life is totally messed up. May their health goes for a toss when you just focus on one aspect others are affected. That is the reason we drop the resolution in between.

When we define success on two parameters, how much money in the bank account and career progression. Life is far ahead of just money and career. When can see in India out of 10 people 1 in the obese, divorce rate have increased in the past decade, 35% of people working are not happy what are they doing, 50% of the people are in stress, anxiety and depression. People are bored in their life for doing the same thing every day. When you ask what is that you want in life. Majority people say I want to happy, peaceful, successful in life.

I am sure you do not want to be a person who has abundance in a bank account but a horrible relationship with wife. Or maybe perfect posture body but no bank balance. Or super talented artist no business. Or an entrepreneur with fantastic ideas but unable to materialise. Or a woman with a great career but struggling to a good parent to child. As humans, we have multiple dimensions in life. Any imbalance in dimensions we are not HAPPY. It is really important to balance the aspects of our life. This will help us to evolve as a person.

I am sure. Your question would be, what are the different dimensions are you talking about. I was reading about this gentlemen name Jon Butcher. He is the Chairman of the Precious Moments Family of Companies, Founder of Lifebook and artist, musician, producer (12 full-length albums and 7 Children’s TV shows), entrepreneur (19 companies ranging from children’s books to wallpaper manufacturing) and so on. He shared a BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP with his wife, children and grandchildren. He has helped million people to strike BALANCE AND SUCCESS in life. He teaches how to write the Lifebook. Lifebook is the most powerful concept ever in personal development.

Jon Butcher guides step by step to define your best future. He helps in creating a detailed plan to accomplish it. Most important he guides how to implement the plan inside with an accountability system with all tools, support and guidance required. Lifebook is a completely new paradigm in the self-improvement. Lifebook has 12 categories. Each category has its vision, purpose, strategy. One side you write what is that you want in life. How to have clear in THINKING. For example, I will have a luxury house with the best lights, artefacts, garden, a big lobby at one prime location in Mumbai. While on the other hand, we can START with gratitude I have a bungalow. It was found in the research people who write their dreams 49% higher chances of achieving them.

Let’s understand each of the 12 categories and make our own Lifebook. These categories are Health and fitness, Intellectual life, emotional life, character, spiritual life, love relationship, parenting vision, social life, financial life, career, quality of life, life vision. Let us see them one by one

1) Health and Fitness:
Our body is the vehicle in achieving our dreams. It needs to be healthy and fit. Many of us struggle to control health. We need to be careful what are we putting into it. How much are we burning? Food is like fuel in the body. Exercising is an internal cleaning system. We need to create balance with intake, exercise and rest for the body that is proper sleep. When writing this down. Our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is alert and makes things happen.

2) Intellectual Life:
A lot of people forget about this. Does this refer to take control of what are you THINKING? To take control of your life. It is said, ” Thoughts expand and make your life”.Your intellectual life is how much are you learning how much are you growing. How much control do you have of your mind and your daily thoughts? How POSITIVE or optimistic you are, How many seminars do you intend to attend in the next couple of years.

3) Emotional Life:
There’s your emotional life, this is the emotional intelligence! how are you able to bounce back from adversity? Do you know to use your emotional quotient? How intuitive you are? How to control emotional outrages? To create a bliss situation in life. FOCUS and penning it down on paper will help to design a recipe to create emotion at will.

4) Character:
Many of us don’t set goals for the character. what values do you want to demonstrate to the world? what type of integrity and ethics do you want to bring into your marketplace or your business? What virtues do want to follow in life? You need to pay attention to your character and shape it strong with high self-esteem. An overall feeling of pride about the person you are.

5) Spiritual Life:
In Lifebook, you need to define it and also understand the value of spiritual fulfilment. It will be in touch with your purpose in life and start living that purpose. Spiritual life how many times in a day do you meditate or pray. What type of spiritual values do you believe in? How much time to spend engaged in spiritual practices? how many spiritual books are you reading?

6) Love relationship:
What does your love relationship look like? what do you do with the love of your life? where do you travel together? how do you relate to each other in your relationship? how much time do you spend with each other? if single do you have the strategy to meet your soul mate.

7) Parenting Vision:
If you’re a parent or you want to be one someday. Do you know exactly how to be the BEST parent to your child? You can be an amazing example for your children about how to live a great life. What is that you need to equip yourself with?

8) Social Life:
You are the average of five people with whom you spent the most time. GOOD COMPANY elevates you. How to consciously create your extraordinary social life. How to build friendships that nourish you and pull your life forward.

9) Career:
On average, we spent 5o to 60 hours of the week we spend on work. In Lifebook, you will able to stimulate and fulfil your career values. Firstly you will the clear vision where are you heading in a career. Are do doing what are you good in or what you love.

10) Finance:
There is a difference between career and finance. Finance talks about the asset you want to make. Financial abundance to be created. Transforming your relationship with money.

11) Quality of life:
It about transforming your day to day lifestyle. Start valuing your quality of life. It will all start with the things you surround your self with. What type of environment you wish around you. What adventure do you want to experience?

12) Life Vision:
Once you start making the vision for all categories. This will help to develop a single to be experienced on a daily basis. A well-crafted life vision help to live a life which is stress-free, fulfiling, warm and overwhelming.

So 2019 onwards craft our life with Lifebook. “The Lifebook program is the most innovative and powerful self-development course I have ever encountered. For those who wish to become entrepreneurs to their own life, this may be just what you’ve been waiting for.” – Dr Nathaniel Branden, Author of The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem.

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