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What Signature reveal? – Graphology

What Signature reveals? - Graphology
What Signature reveals? – Graphology

” A blank page is called as a Universe.” I am sure, the question would arise why? When you write on a page with help of a pen. A Graphologist can understand your THINKING PATTERN, defence mechanism, strengths, weakness and so on. That is why ” HANDWRITING is called as XRay of one’s personality. Have you ever thought about how do these habits, fears, attitude are formed? When does this habit formation start? Even doubt would also arise as my handwriting is always different. Do remember when was last that wrote one full page. today’s trend we write less type more. Let’s answer each question.

When you were born your subconscious mind was blank. From childhood, certain NEURO PROGRAMMING starts building the CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. These are nothing but the influence of the surrounding, situation, environment and people around you. These influences are registered in the way we react to any situation. This generates the electric impulse in our brain and a circuit is created. If in a similar manner or in a repetitive way we react or respond to a situation. A fat layer is created to increase the connectivity between neurons and the exchange of information. In this manner, a habit is formed.

If you tell lies for the first time. A circuit will be formed. If you keep lying. That will strengthen the lying habit. This will make that circuit strong. Without even thinking you would start lying. This creates a specific impulse or a stroke when write. This could be detected from handwriting. In today’s era, many of us don’t write. we mostly type. When it comes to a legal obligation, documents, bank, cheques we do our signatures. It is true that the traits we see in handwriting the same we see in Signature also. Signature revels the projection of our image.

What Signature reveals? - Graphology
What Signature reveals? – Graphology

We will first understand what is a Signature. The Signature represents you in your absences. Signature completes lots of transactions where physical presence is not needed. For depositing and withdrawal of money. In short, it is the public image of an individual. Signature reflects the attitude, risk-taking abilities, RELATIONSHIP, leadership, ego. It is the projection of your inner self-image to the world. Signature has loads of power. A judge signature can put behind the bars, Signature for the banker provides with the loan, the signature a chartered account can save your tax. The signature is a snapshot of our personality.

Have you realised no one has taught us how to do a signature? We create our own signature. We get influenced by the people around us. Try to imitate their signature. We end doing something different and unique in the signature. The signature may be created in college time. Remains the same for the years. Your handwriting undergoes a lot of changes but signature remains the same. Many times signing the twice same signature is identical. Graphology is a very beautiful science that helps to under the how DO YOU USE BRAIN?

Where do you place the signature in relation to the script indicates comfort or distance with an external environment. So any signature can be placed vertical or horizontal in relation to the script. Please don’t get confused with any business format which is mandatory to use. Let see each case:

Vertical placement:
1) Signature very close to the written script: In this case, a writer’s signature indicates that he wants to be closely identified with the group or with the company’s name. The individual is insecure. These people find difficult to stay alone. They are more comfortable in the group.

2)Signature at a distance from the written script: In this case, Writers signature indicates that he wants to make his identity in society. His individual personality is separate from the group. He will be visible as an individual where he works.

3) Signature is very far from the written script: in this case, writes signature indicates he is very individualistic. it also means that he not comfortable and wants no relationship with it. this is a sign of running away.

What Signature reveals? - Graphology
What Signature reveals? – Graphology

Horizontal placement:
1)Signature absolute left: If the signature is placed towards the extreme left of the page. It indicates the write need the safety. the writer is traditional and refers past for everything.

2) Signature in middle left: This signature indicates that write is secure but not ready for taking the risk.

3)Signature in middle right: this signature indicates that the write is BALANCEd and ready for calculative risk. The writer tries to analyse the situation to strike.

4) Signature in the absolute right: This signature indicates the writer has a great appetite for risk. He is impatient yet cooperative. He desires for responsibility. If in case of failure, he is ready to accept it.

So from the placement of signature, we can get to know so many things about the writer’s personality. There are different parameters to understand a signature more deeply. Incorrect or with faults may reduce the prosperity of the person. If you want to know more about it. Please contact us.

* reference is taken from Milind J Rajore book

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