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Make Relationship Beautiful with NLP Point Of View Technique!

Hi all!! Today we are going to discuss NLP technique point of view. Every person has a different point of view. If you are looking at me from the front you can see my two ears. If I turned my face now you can see only my right ear. In the same way, we see the people in a different perspective and this is what we are going to understand in this video. For understanding this we need two chairs. Why two chairs because you have to sit on one chair and the person you are not in a good relationship you have to assume that person is sitting on another chair. Now the imaginary person you are sitting with you need to talk and discuss the defences between both of you. You have to share what is in your mind. This concept we will understand with an example. You are a husband and you have differences with your wife. STEP:-1 Sit on the one chair as a husband assuming your wife is sitting on another chair talk to her about differences between both of you. Tell her everything that you think about her & this relationship STEP:-2 Now you have to exchange your position as well as role. Sit at your wife place assuming you are the wife and analyse on the things which as a husband you told your wife. Try to understand the things from your wife perspective. STEP:-3 In this step keep both the chair empty and you as a third person observe the situation assuming you are analysing the husband and wife relationship. As a third person, you have to observe what is the quality of this relationship? When you analyse the situation from the third person perspective you understand what is the problem in the relationship. My guide Ram Verma always say, when you stuck in the jungle and you don’t understand how to get out of the jungle, you are unable to find the way that time you need the help of the third person to find the way out of the jungle. This third person rule also applied to solve the relationship problem. If you have an issue or problem in your relationship analyse it from the third person point of view you will understand the problem and you could find the solution to it. STEP:-4 When you have taken third person view take one more view of this relationship or situation as a fourth person. Observe how is the relationship quality of these two people and what is the view of the third person on it. When you analyse all the situation as a fourth person you understand what needs to be done. STEP:-5 After getting all the opinion come back to your original place discuss the solution with your partner assuming that person is there. STEP:-6 After doing this sit at your partner place analyse are both of you ready for the thing you discussed. STEP:-7 Come down to your place and finalise the things. When you do this you will realise this process is very simple and effective, because it only takes only one person to save the relationship. When one person tries to build up the relationship It happened- B. K Shivani Thank you.

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