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How to prepare children to overcome failure in life

Today our topic is based on failure. As parents, we should always guide children that in life don’t only tune for success but how to overcome failure in life. How to prepare children to overcome failure in life. Recently I have read the article. It was a story of an intelligent boy who studied in IIT, got married to a beautiful girl, he got a job in the multinational company in the USA. He well settled in the USA had a very successful and happy life. But suddenly he committed suicide with his all family member. Why he & his family suicide? The reason is that of the recession he lost his job. He lost his job and he had to pay home loans, he became bankrupt. He couldn’t find a way to handle financial failure. overall he couldn’t face the failure because he couldn’t be taught for it in hole life. He was a bright student entire in his life. He always tested success but he was unknown to failure and it results. I have a question to all the parents, we always ask our children you came first, you came second but we never ask what did you learn from it? What did you learn from success? What did you learn from failure? It doesn’t matter if you are not successful, success is always not important but if you haven’t got good marks then what should be your next step to improve your grade? You have to teach this to your children. When children don’t get a good grade in exams they couldn’t handle this pressure that is a reason many students committed suicide these days. As parent’s, it is our responsibility to make them understand how to deal with failures in life so that they can live life in a better way. So my dear friend my dear parent’s it is a humble request talk to your child about how to handle failure in life. Make them realise it is not important to be always successful in life but if you fail in life how to stand and start a life again this is important. Thank you.

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