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Why do we doubt our relationship? by Romal Surana | Hindi

#realationship #trust #doubt #relationshipdoubt Love is weakest when there is more doubt than trust. But love is strongest when we learn to trust in spite the doubts. Many people come to me and ask why don’t you make a video on doubt? We doubt own our partners many times. So this video is on Why we doubt our relationship? Before we talk about this topic, let me tell you a story of a lady who came to me I won’t mention her name. She said she has a doubt that her husband is cheating on her. She asked me what do I do now? I asked her if you got any proof the husband is cheating on you?. She said no, but I always feel this doubt. Why do we doubt?. This question comes in the mind of people that they have doubt. Doubt is nothing but the silent killer in the relationship. When you have a doubt in mind what you do is creating negative energy in your mind and you pass that energy to your loved ones. When you ass that negative energy to loved ones it starts manifesting because of RAS ( Reticular Active System) tells us to focus on things. RAS tells us to focus on this negative energy and because of this the person who is not cheating on you, you feel doubt on him and start doubting. In this case what needs to do is we need to have faithfulness in our partners. The person whom we love or partner we love is really trustworthy. Affirmation you should make that time with full heart and believe are 1) I am love 2) I radiate Love 3) People attached to me are honest 4) They love me 5) I don’t expect anything from anyone 6) People stay with me forever 7) I am honest to them When these affirmations you make continuously you get an awesome result. I would recommend if you have doubt practice this affirmation for 21 days and see what changes it brings to your life. Thank you!!

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