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Thinking Pattern- Pride & Dignity | Graphology – Handwriting

Hi everyone!! Today we will discuss again on thinking pattern pride & dignity. We identify pride & dignity by letter ‘d’. The first ‘d’ on the board is the represents normal thinking pattern, it is a normal ‘d’. The stem in this is double the loop of the d. The second ‘d’ on the board represents pride & dignity thinking pattern. The stem is more than double the loop of d. The third ‘d’ on the board shows the stem is shorter than the loop of d it means independent thinking. We will make another video on it. Today we are going to talk on pride & dignity thinking pattern. If you write ‘d’ exactly like the second d on the board that means you demand a lot of respect from others. If somebody hurts you, disrespect you without saying anything you will disconnect with the person. It shows you think a lot that what people say about you. If this stroke is in your handwriting and you want to rectify or know more about it please upload your handwriting to www.nanhagyanfoundation.com.
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