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We believe in having a healthy personality by every people who are living. Happiness, positivity and gratitude are the key role to success in life.

Handwriting / Signature Analysis

Handwriting analysis– This helps to analyse an individual’s personality. That includes, their way of thinking, behavioural pattern, defence pattern, their fear, their strength and weaknesses and much more.

Signature analysis– This deals with correction and improvement of one’s signature that will define their personality more distinctly.

Marriage counselling

This is the most important part of newly wedded couple as there are many issues related to adjustment among them as well as within their family. Thus this counselling often minimises early divorces. We have many happy and satisfied clients who readily go ahead with us and we deliver the best solutions to them. This makes our organization and the sessions grow stronger due to the feedbacks received by the same. We maintain privacy and secrecy while the candidate is under our counselling sessions.

Parent child bridging Counselling

Now this is the call of the hour. We can well site that there are many issues and accidents that are occurring due to negligence from both ends. Now for minimising the same our esteemed organization often take humble and small robust steps to solve all issues relating to the same just by making a bond between the parents and the child since tender age only. We have more than 100+ success stories of this sessions.

Behaviour counselling using NLP

Now this is the most important aspect that a person can engage in. One must know the fact that fear and phobia often makes people unstable in life and towards its success. In our organization we with our expert NLP professionals easily try and eliminate the Lying OCD, exam fear and any other kind of fear in all individuals. This make them breathe properly and live happily.

General Counselling

We possess qualified therapists and psychotherapists who dedicatedly take care of yourself and solve all your issues with regular counselling and therapy. Our experts often try and help individual to motivate them and let them enjoy life to the power infinity making things grow in full. This helps one wellbeing and makes the individual enjoy the living nature.

Online Graphology Course

If you want to learn graphology this course is meant for you. We offer Online Graphology course at both the basic and advanced level. 

Basic Course is for those who want to learn graphology just for fun.

Certification Course is for those who want to become professional Graphologist (certified) . 


Nanha Gyan Foundation aims at empowering kids in formative years, teenage and teens in their walk of life. We work to create awareness and bridging between parents and kids. We work with fun and learn method to provide concrete and sustainable results for both kid and parents.


The Nanha Gyan Foundation is concerned about the wellbeing and healthy mindset of people all over our country.

Nanha Gyan Foundation aims at empowering kids in formative years, teenage and teens in their walk of life.
Our mission is to help youth of the country break their limiting beliefs, generate the thought – behaviour patterns of success and empower them to achieve the success they desire, by making them more deserving.
Nanha Gyan Foundation is concerned about the wellbeing and healthy mindset of people all over our country.
Our mission and vision often justifies one another well, we take utmost responsibility to finally accomplish our mission just by putting our visionary prospects in mind. Finally implement the same. Students come and visit our place and we deliver some exceptional offerings to them. We give priority to all our students and clients. Our locational atmosphere is mesmerising and often students acclaim that this location is the best for students to prosper much.

I have seven years of experience in dealing with human behaviors from walks of life. I have done lots of seminars on Parenting, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Analysis, Parent child bridging, how to overcome depression, how to deal with kids,how to enhance the mid power and so on….

I have conducted many workshop on teachers training program, how to be creative, how to re-mould your through handwriting, how to memorize fast, special course for Mothers- how teach your kids and so on. – Mrs. Romal Surana

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