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A very renowned thought by Buddha states, "WHAT WE THINK, WE BECOME".

It means our thought process makes our character and watch your character, it becomes our destiny. So, we should give significance to what we think. 

Here's a story to explain it better -

Rasika beat Arya hardly on his back. Arya's tender flesh showed inflammation. Arya, the baby giraffe was in total discomfort when beat by his mother, Rasika. The new born tried to get up after getting injured but failed in his attempt. His mother, again beat him, this time he crawled. He was again beaten harder and this time he ran. Now, his mother followed him, not to beat him again but to show her love by hugging and kissing him. 

All she wanted was to him independent so that he is able to run away and protect himself from his predators

In everyday life as well, we just focus on how we look, how we talk but have we ever given any vital importance towards our thinking? The answer is an absolute NO! The kind of thoughts you have about people around you, what you think about yourself and your thought about what you want to accomplish with your life all work together to form a way of living that governs your life and the choices that you make. In other words, the whole process of living starts in your head.

For instance, if your child does any mistake, you shout at him and when he cries, you take him in your laps or show care right? The child then apparently understands this in the manner that you'll shower your love towards him while he cries and for that he's supposed to do a mistake. So, it is obvious that next time when he wants your attention, he will definitely do something that is wrong. It is extremely essential for a  parent to understand to what stimulus given by your child, you show your response in the form of love.

Thus, being a parent, our actions influence our children a lot, so one should be careful about it. As, in the case of Rasika and Arya, her actions lead to the his growth. She wanted him not to rely on anyone for his survival. Similarly, a parent should appreciate his child, reward him and perform actions that would consequentially lead to its development.

So, we need to change our attitudes through life, happiness is an attitude of mind.

And the thoughts that we imagine should be positive as the knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.

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