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The development of perception in children

The development of perception in children

Preschool has a very important role to play in the life of children. It is at this stage that perception is developed.

There is a lot of difference between the way adults perceive and the way children perceive the world. Most of you do realize this fact but the problem that arises here is that most of you are not able to understand how the children perceive the world.

The child’s perception of the world

According to a child the world is nothing but a flux. The child does not perceive anything in the world to be permanent. He or she is not able to perceive the cause and the effect of the various events. The child does not have an idea that there are things that can remain undone. He does not have a memory like that of the adult and he does not see the world to be different from himself.

The different stages of perception

If you are interested to know more details about the different stages of perception then going through the below mentioned points will certainly be a good idea:

  • Functional aspect

This is the inborn reflex of the child and this is developed in order to fit the different environmental changes. One of the examples of this aspect is food. This helps in satisfying hunger.

  • The impulse that is followed by sensation

At this stage the circular reflex is developed. This is an outgoing impulse that is also followed by the sensory impulse. It is at this stage that the perception starts and the impulse of the child is followed by the sensation.

  • Permanence and coordination

This is the third stage in the development of perception. If the child has to visualize something as permanent then it is also important for him or her to recognize the similarity between two objects. It is also important to coordinate between the various reflexes that are connected to the different objects. At the initial stage the child is not able to understand that the object that he or she sees is the same as the object that he or she hears. But later he or she is able to realize that the two things are the same. This is where the coordination is developed.

The perception of the child is slowly developed through the different stages and finally he or she recognizes the cause and the effect. If you want your child to properly develop his or her perception then it is important that he gets admitted to a good preschool. In this preschool the teachers will help him or her to develop the perception so that he or she is able to do well.

There are a number of preschools present today and if you want your child to do well in life then it is important that you choose the right agency for him or her. If you do so then you can be rest assured that he or she will do well in life. It is important that the preschool caters to the need of each and every child.

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