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Romal Surana

Nanha Gyan Foundation aims at empowering kids in formative years, teenage and teens in their walk of life. We work to create awareness and bridging between parents and kids.

I have seven years of experience in dealing with human behaviors from walks of life. I have done lots of seminars on Parenting, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Analysis, Parent child bridging, how to overcome depression, how to deal with kids,how to enhance the mid power and so on….

I have conducted many workshop on teachers training program, how to be creative, how to re-mould your through handwriting, how to memorize fast, special course for Mothers- how teach your kids and so on.

I have conducted m seminars for lokmat and lokmat sakhi manch, MBA And Engg colleges in pune, nagpur and amravati.

I am featured on local cable channel UCN in nagpur.


  • I have completed MBA with Gold medal in finance from ISBM Bangalore.
  • I am a certified Graphologist from Handwriting Institute of India.
  • I am Certified Mind power trainer.
  • I am Certified NLP (Nuero Linguistic Programming) master practitioner.
  • I have done the diploma on psychology from Jnana Pramodini (pune).
Romal Surana

Parenting tips

Most of the parents can’t differentiate between an energetic or hyperactive child. There is a lot of confusion between an energetic or hyperactive child. It is important to know what is an energetic child or hyperactive child. This video will explain to you about the same difference.

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Reality or perception?

Reality: She is wearing a black dress is the reality

Perception: She looks good or bad is perception.

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