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Importance of Implanting Spirituality in kids

Importance of Implanting Spirituality in kids
Importance of Implanting Spirituality in kids- Nanhagyan Foundation

What is Spirituality? Many of us say Spirituality is equal to Religion. There are many myths associated with spirituality. “Spirituality does not mean any particular practice. It is a certain way of being. You cultivate your body, mind, emotions and energies to a certain level of maturity, something else blossoms within you – that is what is spirituality.

When your rationale is immature, it doubts everything. When your rationale matures, it sees everything in a completely different light.”- Sadguru.

It is usually believed Spirituality is for elderly people or to whom who have nothing to do. To seek the divine redemption.

“Spirituality is that which enhances human values such as love, compassion and enthusiasm.”- Sri RaviShankarji – Art of Living.

Essential For Young, teenage, adolescent

Our kids are in the phase where competition, rat race, peer pressure create stress around them. Forget the age factor even 5-year-old is in stress and 15 and 25 year old also. Spirituality brings about the ability to accept, adjust and accommodate, thereby empowering everyone in the process. As we look at life and situation, the solution to problems begins to emerge from within.

There are two important factors to spirituality foundation which includes Yoga and meditation. Yoga involves the exercise of mind and body. Meditation entails on the inward journey towards silence and understanding the thoughts. Both yoga and meditation are essential for young and elderly.

Parents encourage your kids to enrol for spirituality camps happens around. This will them fit body and happy mindset to perform.


Importance of Implanting Spirituality in kids
Importance of Implanting Spirituality in kids- Nanhagyan Foundation

Another component of spirituality is Humility. Humility – a quality of being courteously respectful to others. Today’s parents do complain that kids don’t respect us. Moreover, you would find kids giving excess importance on what their parents drive, the quality of toys they possess or brands they wear. This is getting developed from the formative years which continues in teens and adulthood.

Two important tools that bring out humility is gratitude and apology. Being grateful is so important. You understand the value of every small thing in life. The presence of quality air, water, the food one receives. We as parents provide with all materials, comfort to kids. Probably we may not have received in our childhood. Do our kids value it?

We should practice the habit of gratitude every day. When we practice saying “please”,”thank you”‘ and “Sorry” to each other at home, it nurtures humility, besides creating a warm and loving atmosphere at home. Do try this at home.

Teach kids to pray and connect to GOD

We all except the presence of the Supreme being in our life in any form. The existence of God need not to be mentioned. Most of us believe GOD is the source of all power. Children grow up watching their parents pray and celebrate the religious festival and perform rituals.
I, as a parent, believe we must talk to kids regarding God is relevant and Spirituality is relevant to all generation. Emphasis should be given faith and respecting others faith. Rituals are meant to infuse the core value like the purity of thoughts, honesty, unity and compassion on daily lives. It is advisable to encourage children to read, understand and experience and then develop theirs in God.
I have a friend whose son started engineering studies from a premier college. She narrated me an incident. His son was frustrated in college that wanted to kill himself. Since he had a habit of talking to a photo of his GURUJI(spiritual guru).Before taking the final plunge it happened he took the photo an expressed his views. He was suddenly shaken by his decision and he didn’t commit suicide.

Develop the Habit of GIVING

Importance of Implanting Spirituality in kids

Encouraging generosity and thoughtfulness in kids can involve simple deed like getting them to donate a portion of their pocket money, making THANK YOU card for someone special like teachers or friends or teaching underprivileged families. The act may not require money, but few moments of selflessness.
When we encourage children to nurture this habit of giving little things in life- their time or pocket money for any cause. We will help them to learn the important trait of empathy. Let help our youngsters know that what goes around, any good work, come around.

Understanding the significance of festivals

From the past few decades, the festival is associated with mindless shopping and gathering all new good stuff. A lot of offers, advertisement to pay new things whether required or not? What is the true essence of the festival? What is the reason why this ritual? What do they indicate?
Example, in Holi we set the bonfire, stating HOLIKA DEHEN. The next day we play colours. Setting denotes burning away negativity, anger, ego, pride. The next day celebration is the belief in GOD by playing with colours. Colour of togetherness, happiness, laughter, faith.

Romal Surana
Child and Adolescent counsellor
Nanha Gyan Foundation

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