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Re-engineer your belief

Re-engineer your belief

Re-engineer your belief — www.nanhagyanfoundation.com

” Man is what he believes” – this is said by the Classic short story writer of his times Anton Chekhov. He wanted to point across the point, the POWER of belief. If you believe, you are a loser. Yes! you are. If you believe, you are a winner. Yes! you are. Beliefs are organized, prearranged filters to one’s perception towards the world and oneself. Let me give an example. Centuries ago, no one had faith that humans can fly in the sky. It would be extremely hilarious at that time. When someone expressed its view of flying in the sky. Wright Brothers believed in their idea of flying in the sky. That resulted in the invention of the aeroplane.

Another example is the roping of the elephant. In a circus, huge elephants were tied with simple rope. These elephants never tried to escape from there. It is not that elephant love the place. In fact, the SECRET is when the elephant baby is captured from the jungle away from the mother. They are tied with the same rope. The baby elephant uses all its strength to free himself several times. Unable to do so. It believed that it would not be able to free himself. So he stops making an attempt. With the time change, the physical strength of a grown elephant is much higher as compared to a baby elephant. The belief is the same which was created when the elephant was baby. That is a reason he never uses its physical strength to escape.

Most of are aware of the Placebo Effect. Norman Cousin who lead the first-hand experience on the effect of giving an empty pill with no active properties in it. In his experiment, he divided two groups with bleeding ulcers. One group was told that this is a new drug which produces fast recovery. The other group was told that this is experimenting drug and they have no information about its effects. As a result, 75 % of the first group has relief and 25% of the other group had a similar result. In both cases, patients received the drug with no medical properties. The difference was the belief. The BRAIN simply does what it is told. So the conclusion is drawn from the experiment says,” drugs are not always necessary. Belief in recovery always is”.

I am sure many would relate to me. With all resources available we tend to think “I cannot do this”, “ I am not worth it”, “I don’t deserve it”. ” I am good for nothing”, “life is a bitch”, ” why this happens to me”, “I am an idiot” and so on. Many have made these statements as their belief. When a person congruently says, “this is impossible”. The nervous system opens all neural pathways of the brain. The brain accepts it and will answer accordingly. The biggest misconception people have that belief is a static or intellectual concept. On the contrary, beliefs are the choice. A belief can be a CONSCIOUS choice. It is in your control to change and create a new belief for yourself. Before we alter are limiting belief. Let’s understand how is belief formed and its sources.

Every human experience, everything you see, hear, smell, feel or taste is stored in your brain. In short, your brain registers all events happening in and around you from the time you are born. Let’s consider this as Event 1. The brain is a physical aspect. There is a mind which is a software which regulates the functioning of the brain. Just like the CPU is the hardware of the computer and windows is the software. You receive all information through your senses. These pieces of information are processed in 3 ways deletion, distortion and generalization. This creates a THINKING PATTERN. Let us understand these components one by one.

Example: It is a busy road with huge traffic. Very hot weather, afternoon time, no traffic police on the square. You are standing near a footpath. There you see an accident. Two-wheeler rider collides with an auto rickshaw. Two-wheeler rider falls down and creates a huge gathering on road. Possible he is hurt badly or asking for money. From this example, you will understand how your mind START working.

Deletion: When you will explain how the accident happen. Your mind deletes the things which were not important. Like how many shops were there on the road, what was going on another side of the road. How many vehicles saw accidents. What was the climate at that time and many others.

Distortion: When you judge whose mistake it was. Who did what or what should not be done. This is what you have perceived from the incident. Some other person may perceive it differently.

Generalization: When some make a general statement which is not the universal truth. For example in the case, today’s all auto rickshaw drivers ride rash. Can be this also, today’s all young generation are in a hurry.

After deletion, distortion and generalization, the conclusion made by mind is the perception. This perception has different names like memory, SUBCONSCIOUS re-imprinting, neural pathway, thought or internal map. Let us consider this as E2. There is a huge difference between E1 and E2. The whole life, you are surrounded by E2. You consider this as truth. In fact this nothing more than your personal reception.

The Sources of Belief

1)Environment: We humans have the tendency to accept what people around say is the truth. Like diabetics is incurable. If you are first in class you are successful. Success means money, bungalow and car etc. These are nothing but the opinion of a few people made from the experience. These opinions cannot be true for everyone. If we go through the life of the legends, we will find the belief was the tool for their SUCCESSFUL life.

2) Events – Any kind of event happening in life can foster the belief. Let me give you an example of a young boy. Always dreamt of doing something special in life. Started very early in life. Faisal Khan winner of Dance India Dance. Then got, the great epic to act, Maharana Pratap. He played the role of young Pratap. Now acting in movies. He is the son of an auto rickshaw driver. Before Dance India dance no one would ever think of this grand success. With every qualifying round, this inner belief becomes stronger and stronger.

3) Knowledge – A direct experience is one form of knowledge. We also gain knowledge through reading, writing, viewing the world, watching movies. Knowledge is the key to break the limiting belief. A BEAUTIFUL example of a slum girl in Uganda. When chess was taught to her. She learnt and excelled the skill of playing chess. Yes! she is Phiona Mutesi from Katwe. The movie was made on her life “Queen of Katwe”. She has won the Ugandan Women’s Junior Championship three times, has represented Uganda at four chess Olympiads.

4) From Past Result: The sure short way to create a belief is the reference from the past. There are many students who believe that last moment study more result oriented. That is why a few days before the exam sincere studies fetch them good marks. From the first time success. This has become a trend for the students. “Believing it can be done becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy.”

5) Establishing belief is through the creating in your mind that you desire in the future as if it were here now – From the studies majority all great people live the future what they want to live irrespective of the present situation. A classic example of Francis Ouimet, the first amateur to win the golf U.S. Open in the year 1913. Francis when 7 years old was interested in Golf. He believed he won U.S. Open and made it a reality. He would visualize the same. The movie ” The greatest game ever played” shows his belief and faith on himself.

Engineering the belief is possible. For that, you should find out a few of your limiting belief. After that create a POSITIVE belief which will support you to achieve your highest goal. What are you waiting for! Let get started.

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