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How to help kids to prepare for examination. – Parental Tips

Month of February is about to end and March will start. With this time PRESSURE of examination increases. One can understand a child will write paper. He/she is tensed. Today more than children, their parents are tensed about examination. As parent one need to understand stress and fear never results in productivity. If you know our body releases certain stress hormones and HAPPY HORMONES. If the child is in constant stress of examination or of studies. Whatever the child is studying will not be assimilated in the long term memory. As a result the child forgets in exam. It is responsibility of a parent to create happy and easy environment at home.

No DOUBT marks are important. ” Marks in exam doesn’t always equals intelligence or brilliance”. If marks were equal to success than all toppers would be SUCCESSFUL in life. As you see history, people who failed in exam are great today. Like Jack Ma (owner of Alibaba.com), Bill Gates (owner of microsoft). Bill Gates quotes, “I failed the exam in some subjects but my friend passed. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the OWNER”. Making kids aware of do your best. Its fine even if you scored low, we are still with you. This should the job of parents. Instead for marks, parents only pressurize kids at any age.

Today I would like to give example my life. I have always been an average student in my school life. My parents never asked me to come first. They would only appreciate me for giving 100%. In my board exams I did score distinction. This distinction was highest score among all scores from 1grade to 10th standard. After that my score increased with higher studies. Some where back on my mind I knew, my parents trust me. Its me who need to perform till fullest. They EMPOWER me with self belief. I did my BBA. I was a university topper. After that, I did my MBA. I cleared it with flying CGPA and a Gold Medal in finance. I got the dream job with J P Morgan Chase just after MBA. But today I am psychologist. Helping people and earning good in my life.

This major shift in career, I realized my calling for what do I love. I m doing what I love.My parents stood by me. My husband supports me. As parent, it is essential to help KIDS realize their calling or the passion within. Parents emphasis on career which they find better option. As a result we loads of engineers, doctors, lawyers and so on. As per statistics given by a research on mental health and job satisfactions of the people. 45% of the people working are not HAPPY with the job that they doing. They wanted to do something else and they are doing something else. As result India is a hub of diabetes, blood pressure, heart arrest and so on. Do we really want marks for all these????

COMMON MISTAKE during examination

1)Long hours of study is dangerous :

As everyone knows about the CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Do we know how does it works??? When the CHILD study for long hours. What happens!! The conscious mind gets the information. It shift it to short term memory. Taking ahead to long term memory is the work of subconscious mind. After an hour of study, if child still continues to study. He/ she is looking at books. Nothing will go inside. As parent you should encourage kids to take break for 15 mins after every hour of study. In the mean while the information is shifted to long term memory. After break come and revised. When repeat this again. It develops the strong imprint in subconscious mind. Chances of forgetting reduces.

2) One time study no revision :

Remember to Repeat and Repeat to Remember. Encourage kids to learn loud while studying. This helps to repeat twice that is one with visual and other with hearing. When your books are just in front, possibility of day dreaming increases. When kids repeat the neural path or the circuit is completed. It is covered with layer of fats. It improves the speed to recollect. For example. someone asks your name in mid sleep. You reply fast and correct. More the repetition, speed improves from 2 G to 3 G to 4 G.

3) Avoid Group Studies:

Many of us avoid , group studies during exams. Group studies are fruitful, when done in serious note. As per the research made, we remember 10% of what we see, 20% of what we hear, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we discuss and 90% of what we teach. In group studies everyone should prepare their portion and discuss and teach. In they way learning and recollecting is easy and fast. This is a POWER of group studies. Group studies when done with GOOD COMPANY improves the confidence and reduces the phobia with regards to a subject.

4) No play time:

During exams parents do not allow the kids to play. Physical playing for 30mins to 45 mins improves the state of mind. The kids are in joyful state. Happy neurotransmitter Endorphins is released. Endorphins reduces the stress hormone and enhance the leaning speed. Parents should allow the physical playing not the video game during exams.

5) Late night study:

Parents should encourage the proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours during exams. This is crucial. The scientific reason is that our BRAIN consumes the 20 % of total energy produces in our body. Lot of work is happening in brain. Due to which lot of waste is also produced. There is a fluid name CFS (Cerebro spinal fluid) is responsible for removing waste produce in brain. During day time the activities high. The cleaning is not done properly. When you sleep , activities of brain reduces. CSF can perform it work properly. That is why we are fresh and more active in morning. If you don’t sleep properly CSF unable to perform it task. Probably you may forget in exams.

6) Use of minds :

Kids should know how to make minds maps of LESSONS and answers. it again SMART way to do revision in less time.

Hope parents and kids this article would be of use to you all. Wish you all, All the best for the examination. A special thanks to Khurshed Batliwala (BAWA) Tedx talk on how to use your brain.

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  1. Very good insight on how as parents we are instrumental in creating the right environment at home for our kids. Also, understood how reading aloud helps kids

  2. I loved it

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