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Parenting lessons from Jijamata

Parenting lessons from Jijamata
Parenting lessons from Jijamata

Today is 19th Feb, the birthday of Shivaji Maharaj. We celebrate his birthday with so much enthusiasm in Pune. Many processions and rallies are there in honour of Shivaji. We have learnt in school and heard from elders. The qualities of Shivaji were bravery, justice, respect, compassion and love for his people. Why do you think he was so? The true reason is his mother Jijamata. Jijamata moulded Shivaji in the right manner and in the right direction. She worked and believed in Shivaji. She was one who has decided the purpose of her child well before he was born. Jijamata as a human being was very strong and powerful.

We have learnt in history, There were the rules of Mughals and Nizams in India at that time. From Childhood Jijimata was brave. She learnt sword fighting, understood political affairs, Climbing up the forts from a tender age. She has seen the tyrannical rule of Mughals and Nizams. She believed in freedom “Swaraj”. She was married to Shahji Raje Bhosle. Shahiji Raje was under Adilshah court. Majority time he was not available. It was Jijamata who sculpted Shivaji. It is said, “The Shape, durability and quality of pot depend upon the skills, creativity and imagination of the potter”. She attracted LAW OF ATTRACTION to have a child who would build Swaraj.

Let us understand Jijamata’s Parental Tips

1) Preparation well before birth

When Jijamata was pregnant. Every comfort was bestowed to her. Being strong minded woman she refused to take so. She prepared her herself for best and worst. This gave the psychological shape to Shivaji in the mother’s womb. As per the Vedic traditions, there are a series of chants and sacraments to optimize the child’s potential. She infused this in Shivaji, as a result, he was emotionally and psychologically strong throughout his life.
Modern Science has stated the child BRAIN development takes place between 3 to 5 month. The five senses of the child are getting develop during this phase. Whatever the mother feels, eat, listen, does every action has a direct relation with child brain development. Today when mothers are working in stress during pregnancy. As a result, we find many ADHD cases. ADHD ( Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) When attention was supposed to be paid, not given as a result child depends on it later.

Parenting lessons from Jijamata- Nanhagyan Foundation
Parenting lessons from Jijamata- Nanhagyan Foundation

2) Read Stories of BRAVERY, Courage, Determination, Justice

In Shivaji’s childhood, Jijamata would read out the stories from Mahabharat, Ramayan and Geeta. This created a sense of responsibilities and character building of Shivaji. He understood the importance of kindness, humble, respect to all and the importance of truth. Jijamata would always tell him that he needs to fight cruelty, injustice and establish Swaraj. Since Jijamata would read out to him. His interest in learning was well started at an early age. She would in the act, use a different tone to build a character from a story. This improved his imagination and co-relation techniques.
Today, our kids are involved in the animation world so much that reading has taken a back seat. Reading with kids develops there cognitive skills, improves concentration, patience, vocabulary and imagination. Using technology is not wrong. It is important to create BALANCE. It should start as early as 2 to 3 months. There are different stages of reading initially you need to read out to them. Then they will read along with you. after that, they will read by themselves. Important is that you need to develop the reading habit.
Our kids are more attracted to screen time. If notice child watches cartoons. What is shown in the cartoon. A child who is a hero and he save the city. All elders are just shouting help!. that is what they are learning. They don’t respect the elders. They associate themselves with that cartoon character.

3)Political Knowledge and Understanding

Jijamata would make Shivaji understand the tool and techniques to decode the war, how to fight a battle with limited resources. Correct tactics to be used during battles. It is said the Shivaji was a combination of Bravery and Intelligence. He used the technique of Gorilla warfare to defeat the huge army of Nizams and Mughals. He knew his territory very well. As they were growing and conquering forts. Paralleling he started building the leadership under him. The value system which he believed was taught to his soldiers. He was extremely good with making alliances. He had this THINKING PATTERN that his enemy would surrender before his sword come out. Even that would also happen.
Today we live in big societies. There the interaction is limited. It is really important as mothers to train kids to reach out to help if in case required. In the area where is a police station, hospital, ambulance, fire bridge etc. Telephone numbers of essential place should be stored in MEMORY of the child.

Parenting lessons from Jijamata- Nanhagyan Foundation
Parenting lessons from Jijamata- Nanhagyan Foundation

4) Personal Provision

Jijamata was always there in the growth of Shivaji. Jiajmata was the first guru (teacher) of Shivaji. She had strong control over every step Shivaji. Whether learning a new thing or making the strategy in the formative 10 years. Whatever is planed in the first 10 years is the base of the personality. Jijamata planted values, morals, justice, courage, knowledge of POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE. She builds the mindset of the Shivaji. She changed her perception of Shivaji. Marathas were known as salves of Mughals and Nizams. She changed in Shivaji that ” Slavery is a state of mind”. This helped Shivaji to change the mindset of mass for Swaraj.

5) Carrying Dual Roles

Shahji Raje were not available all the time. It was Jijamata who played the role of Mother and Father. Mother’s roles as soft in fulfilling the child’s need. Father’s role is discipline and earns for the house. Jijamata did both responsibilities of being mother and father to Shivaji. She balanced the softness and toughness all together for her people also.
Today’s when fathers are busy working or are on long tours. Mothers do take the responsibility of being a mother and father. Mother does all work from grocery to the bank. The child understands the tough job. It is important to make the child realize the importance of the situation. When any parent is not available.

Parenting lessons from Jijamata- Nanhagyan Foundation
Parenting lessons from Jijamata- Nanhagyan Foundation

6) Laying down a strong foundation

“Till you see and believe in the greatness of your child all parenting techniques in the world will fail”. Jijamata called Shivaji as Raje (King) from childhood. She believed that the child is meant to create the Swaraj. She would always address the qualities of the king in Shivaji. This EMPOWER Shivaji to make it the reality. No one would imagine having Swaraj with available resources. Jijamata has laid deeper values like respect all religion, respect women. Preparation is the key. Always work with plans, not a plan. Remember the story of how Shivaji Raje killed Afzal Khan And won over Pratapgarh. She taught teaching to OVER FAILURE.
Once Shivaji got defeated by Mirza Jai Singh and Treaty Of Purandar was signed. According to that treaty, Shivaji’s 27 forts were confiscated. Within a few years, he won 360 forts. Because of these deeply integrated values, His people trusted him and were ready to die for him.
Today are we working on our child emotional development. Many addresses the child is a tantrum, stupid or and what not. This laid the foundation of the identity in the child. We often complain my child doesn’t listen, he is hyperactive, he/ she does not eat and so many. First, improve the communication to build a strong mental identity in the child’s mind.

We can have Shivaji in our home and in our neighbourhood too. We need to FOCUS on what Jijamata did to raise Shivaji as Shivaji.

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