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Focus! Focus! Focus!

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Have you ever observed that the people who always say… “I am not confident” they are actually not confident. People who say “I can’t lose the weight”.. never lose. People who always repeat that I am not punctual. Always turn to be late. Do you why is this happening? The Focus was on not being confident, not losing weight, being late. Someone said, ” Where focus goes, attention flows”. Our subconscious mind does not distinguish between good and bad instructions. There is the active part in our brain which is known “Reticular Activating System (RAS)”

Reticular Activation System is responsible for filtering only the IMPORTANT things. Our brain is continuously taking the data in forms of sounds, taste, colour, images, pictures from all things which surrounds us. The data is around 2,000,000 bit s every second. Our brain has so much to process at a time that is why the Reticular Activating System (RAS) helps to focus on what is important for you. If you have bought a new car. You would see that car everywhere. If you’re our pregnant you start observing pregnant woman around you. This also happens about what do think about them. Let me explain you. When we meet people around us we tend to make opinions about them. Our opinion governs our behaviour how do we perceive about the person. Your RAS will only focus on the perceived view of that person. Because of this, you would see the same characteristics in that person. For instance, you think that person is really dumb. Your RAS will focus on only those silly things that person does. It will strengthen the belief about that characteristic. The same thing will work on yourself when we say ” I M good for nothing”.

Process Of RAS and Self-talk:

We all do the self-talk and what do we focus on “I m really bad at this”, ” I don’t have enough time”, “I always mess it up”, “I never have enough money”. Since your focus was on these negative things. RAS will show you things to prove this it is true for you. RAS follows a process Which includes Self-talk, proof and belief. It is the vicious circle. What suggestion you give yourself is the self-talk. RAS works on what you have perceived about yourself. It will focus on it. It will start proofing your self-talk to be true. This will generate the new neural pathway of the self-talk. For example, If you constantly focus on what you don’t want in life or what you don’t have in life then RAS will continue to give you certain occurrence of the event to support what you are focusing on. RAS doesn’t know what is positive or negative.
Fear results in more Fear
Anxiety results in more anxiety
Depression result in more depression
lack results in more lack

Arthur Carmazzi, ‘RAS used as a very influential tool for giving hypnotic suggestions to people. This helps them to focus on what they really should do. A Hypnotic suggestion can be used to find solutions to their problems. Shifting the focus to desires and dreams with absolute clarity then RAS will start pouring out all circumstance and situation to reach the goals. So set your RAS to look for positive affirmation
I am great at this
I am always on time
I m confident
I m good with money

Every word change in words results in the change in mindset. Change in mindset results in reality ultimately in life.  we say has the vibration. Always use high-frequency words like

Busy replace it with Easy
Okay replace it with Perfect
Hurry up replace it with Good Timing
I Hope it replace it with I am sure it will
You never do it replace it with You will definitely do it
It is said that ” Shift In WORDS will shift your WORLD”. – BK Shivani

How to train your RAS according to David Allen (Getting Things Done)
Step 1: Choose one area of your life
In which area you want to make a difference. Is it the finance, health, relation, love, work, spiritual, social. At this time what is more important for you. Choose that area.

Step2: Think about the best possible outcome/Scenario that could occur.
Once you have selected the area then think for everything that would go exactly the way it should go ( never mind, it never goes nut don’t worry about it now) Visualize it with bright colours, images bolder and bigger. Use all 5 senses in visualization. This is how the Olympic athlete prepares their mindset. They just imagine their run and winning it. Their muscle contracts happen, breathing as if he is running in real. OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND CANNOT SEE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT IS REAL AND WHA IS IMAGINARY.

Step 3: Decide on the next action you need to take right now in order to make this happen for your self.
If you want to start a business. Research on what all you need to start on. For example, if you want to start a pre-school. what license is important. which board, what qualification required, which bank to give the loan, in short start working on the project report.

Step 4: Don’t worry about how. Just focus on the best possible WHAT. Once you do that the how will begin to become clear.
” Consistency of focus is the hallmark of success”

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